Stories tighten the fabric of a family…

Living with a pet is just like watching a child grow up. When you reach a milestone, you are always shocked by how far—and how quickly—you’ve come.

The answer, it turns out, was this…

“It’s not so bad,” Fielding said, his voice breaking. “It could be worse.”
“How? How exactly, Fields, could it be worse?”
But he didn’t have an answer.

The way home, then—for Ginny and Fielding and Gonker—came through the efforts of everyday people.

What is heroism? Is the idea of it irrelevant, to the majority of Americans—who lead lives that don’t seem to call them to heroic action? 

I’m sorry, Fielding thought. “Goodbye,” he said aloud.

You can’t write about dogs without writing about people. They chose long ago to be our good company in the adventure of being alive, and ever since they’ve served as our mirrors, our teachers, and the most stubbornly loyal of friends.  In DOG GONE, this engaging storyteller gives us hilarity, gratitude, deep sorrow and a tenderness so real you can’t help but touch it.

-National Book Award winning poet, Mark Doty

One loss mirrors another loss mirrors another loss…

Gonker featured prominently at the party, dubbed the “Prehistoric Keg,” because of the home’s lack of running water and electricity…”